Who we are

Željezara Sisak has a long tradition and experience in the metallurgic production, which started back in 1938 with the building of a blast furnace under the property of The Mining Society – Metal Foundry Caprag. Steel production began in 1954.

Acciaierie Bertoli Safau purchased the facilities from the American company CMC, on May 31st, 2012, and after a break due to the bad market trend during the period 2015-16, restarted production at the end of 2017.

The investments were focused on the vacuum degasser plant, the continuous casting machine and a complete set of new cranes.

Local tradition merged with ABS’ experience supported by Danieli’s technologies, enabled Sisak to achieve the required quality for the most demanding end-use (oil&gas, railway, power generation, automotive parts).



Our Technology

A maximum productive capacity of about 350.000 tons / year is obtained from a 67ton electric arc furnace (EAF) contained in a “dog house” for effective noise and smoke abatement, ladle furnace for refining process, vacuum degassing tank and one continuous casting machine with 3 strands.

Melting Line

A selected mix of scrap metal, depending on the steel grade and the residuals content required by Customer or by norms, is charged into a furnace (EAF) and melted thanks to the heat developed by 3 graphite electrodes and by using a chemical additional energy (oxygen and carbon). Subsequently the molten steel is tapped into a ladle and refined at the ladle furnace station (LF) by adding additives and ferroalloys, according to the ABS steel manufacturing standard (NFA card). In addition, it increases the Temperature of the steel, using 3 graphite electrodes, a necessary step to be capable to manage correctly the next phases – vaccum degaser and casting.

At the end, before casting, molten steel is vacuum treated (VD), acc. to customer requirement, for about 15-20 min in order to reduce the gas content, especially hydrogen, and in order to clean the steel from the metal impurities. After vacuum process, the addition of specifics ferroalloys in wire, creates the final chemistry required by the Customer.

Casting Line

During continuous casting process, the steel quality is assured by use of lubricant, insulating and exothermal powders, in addition to practices to prevent re oxidation of steel, between ladle to tundish and tundish to mould: special refractory tubes, Argon flow and submerged nozzles, are the tools for this porpouse. In addition, an automatic system controls the level of the molten steel in the mould and electromagnetic stirrers, placed in 2 different positions, allow to achieve a homogeneous internal structure, meaning of achievment of the best quality.



Quality and Certificates

Our strategy is directed to assure product quality, continuous work on improving organizational processes in accordance with the customer requirements and increase in revenue and market expansion.

ABS Sisak works on continuous improvements, and its own organizational processes meets all Customers needs in terms of product quality, as well as, in terms of respecting the delivery time and other requests.

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Work with Us

ABS, leader in the production of special steels, is renowned as one of the most innovative and reliable companies in the Steelmaking Industry worldwide. It represents the steelmaking division of Danieli Group, a global top-player in the construction of plants for the Steel Industry.

The synergy and cooperation within the Group enable our organization to pursue a constant technological process innovation in order to provide our Customers with high-quality specialized products.

ABS operates at worldwide level, offering both national and international job opportunities.

Being a member of our team, means dealing with new challenges and increasingly inspiring projects on a daily basis, in an environment able to stimulate and develop the competencies and professional skills of our Staff.

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Work with Us




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