Strategy & Vision

Acciaierie Bertoli Safau is the Steelmaking division of the Danieli Group that has been deep rooted in the territory since time immemorial. Backed by a long and consolidated experience in the metal industry, ABS has been continuing along the path that it started pursuing over 30 years ago in the production of special long steels, creating a range of products that is unique in the world. The constant innovation of products and processes inherent in the company’s DNA is one of the strengths that we base our development projects on and at the same time it is key to our being a benchmark company for our customers in all application sectors. Many of our projects are focused on the continuous improvement of our competitive advantage: analysing and improving processes, eliminating waste, increasing plant performance and utilization factor together with quality and service level, such as process digitalization, are an integral and tangible part of our strategy aimed at making us more and more resilient. Competitiveness in ABS is also based on understanding and knowing about our customers and their real requirements. We strive to meet our customers’ every need by creating very close collaborations through optimizing production processes throughout the entire supply chain. This approach can be summarized in the logic with which the new QWR wire rod rolling plant was studied and developed. This plant will allow us to complete our product portfolio by the end of the year: from 5 mm up to 500 mm produced in a single site. The ABS strategy cannot leave its customers’ strategies aside: great attention will be paid to supporting the evolution in the automotive sector and its new lightweighting concept, that is the requirement for lighter components, as well as the specifications required by the renewable energy supply chain with Wind Power being first and foremost. Our R&D (ACM: ABS Centre Metallurgique) is giving us the support to find the best solutions for these new needs. The desire that we have been pursuing for years to sustainably produce steel is in line with the European Green Deal plan, aimed at making the European economy increasingly sustainable. Sustainability, understood in its broadest social, environmental and, not least, economic meaning, is a primary value that we pursue with conviction. ABS has chosen to promote continuous improvement, allowing the company to reduce impacts while preserving the environment and creating value for the community. We focus on spreading a shared culture of health, safety and welfare for the people who work in ABS day after day.

La Presidente – Carla de Colle
L’Amministratore Delegato – Stefano Scolari
Executive Board
Carla de Colle - Chairwoman & ABS Executive Board (AEB) Chairwoman

Carla de Colle

Chairwoman & ABS Executive Board (AEB) Chairwoman

Anna Mareschi Danieli - Vice Chairwoman

Anna Mareschi Danieli

Vice Chairwoman

 - Vice Chairwoman

Vice Chairwoman

Stefano Scolari - Chief Executive Officer & ABS Executive Board (AEB) Vice Chairman

Stefano Scolari

Chief Executive Officer & ABS Executive Board (AEB) Vice Chairman

Andrea Di Bello - Business Development Director

Andrea Di Bello

Business Development Director

Giacomo Disarò - Production Director

Giacomo Disarò

Production Director


Economic Documents & Legal Notifications

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