On 16 December 2019 we received the official PEC (certified e-mail) from the Provincial Chief of the Fire / Rescue Service which certifies that the ABS plant in Cargnacco has obtained the Fire Prevention Certificate (CPI). In Italy, ABS is the first steel producer to have achieved this certificate for the entire facility, which includes both the part relating to the smelting process and that relating to the rolling process. The achievement of this important result was possible through a multi-year project aimed at the regulatory adaptation of the entire plant, starting from the issue of multiple projects submitted to the Chief of the local Fire & Rescue Service for approval and leading up to the issue of work orders to companies that for years have been reliable partners of ABS who carried out the works in compliance with current regulations. Thanks to the collaboration of all the facility departments, the works were carried out without interfering with the production activities and at the same time maintaining the safety conditions unchanged at the workplaces of the ABS departments. The multi-year commitment by the technical office, the safety office and all ABS departments, has shown that only with synergistic and collective work can the achievement of a result that gives prestige to the whole company be achieved. This was possible thanks to the foresight of the company’s ownership that started the project back in 2012 and has kept the attention high on each step taken year by year; steps in which ABS has persevered with insistence and commitment to overcome obstacles and achieve the final goal.