Vice Chairwoman

Anna Mareschi Danieli - Vice Chairwoman

Anna graduates in Business Economics at Bocconi University in Milan in 2005 and joins MPD Financial and UMCC of the Unicredit group as a financial analyst.
Anna joins the Danieli Group in 2007, holding positions with increasing responsibility: in a few years she has taken over the financial management, leading the corporate transformation towards digitization of the activities of the area, the main office and foreign subsidiaries. She is involved in the financial side of the sales and after-sales activities providing support for the repayment of loans by customers. She also coordinates the Cash & Flow Office, cooperating with the Purchasing Office for payments to be made to suppliers, and with the Project Manager and Sales Engineer for payments to be cashed in from customers. Anna also handles the Group relations with banks, private insurance companies and various ECAs. Last, but not least, she manages the conditions applied by the financial institutions.
In 2017 she is elected President of Confindustria Udine, an office that she still holds. Since 2020 she has been Vice-President of ABS with direct responsibility for the Finance, Administration, Management Control, IT and Legal areas.