Chief Executive Officer and Vice Chairman

Stefano Scolari - Chief Executive Officer and Vice Chairman

Stefano’s career in the steel industry starts in the Sales Division at Lucchini Siderurgica in 1997. He joins ABS in 2003 as part of the Sales Department, developing the drop forging and forging markets;
In this role, Stefano is given the opportunity to follow and contribute to the evolution of ABS, acquiring skills in the specific production chains and customer relations, which lead him to take on the role of Marketing Manager in 2014; a role that he covers for a period of two years.
From 2016 to 2018 he takes on the Management of the Sales Division, focusing on the development of the sales area, especially the organization and customer approach.
From 2018 Stefano covers the role of Chief Business Development Officer, coordinating Sales, Programming and Logistics, and Quality as well as the ACM Research Centre in Metz, France.
In July 2020, he is appointed Chief Executive Officer.