shape section size [mm] length [m]
round sezione200, 210, 220, 230, 250, 270,
280, 310, 405, 410,
500, 600, 700, 750, 850
length4 - 12,5
square sezione160x160 -170x170 length4,5 - 12,5
A wide range of continuous cast raw blooms meet the demand for products of various sizes and steel grades, also for our internal rolling and forging production flows. High-quality raw material for all products, capable of reaching the record section of 850 mm.
Cold processing

ABS performs various cold finishing processes, such as sandblasting, turning, straightening, deburring and cold cutting. Our goal is to provide you with a controlled quality product that meets your requirements.

The two main features of cold processing are:
• To make the material that has any surface or internal defects and geometric limits compliant, and to modify the mechanical properties such as hardness;
• To give added value with surface machining processes such as turning, peeling, grinding, etc.

Hot treatments

To confer the mechanical or grain properties to the steel, we subject the material to heat treatments such as tempering, stress relieving, normalizing, quenching and various annealing cycles (shearable, globular, full, soft). ABS reheating furnaces are fully automated with natural gas or electric heating.
The material is furnace, air or water quenched, depending on the required final product specifications.


ABS has 3 continuous casting lines for the production of raw material. Although the machines are of different sizes, they are all equipped with a high level of technology and automation, which allows a high level of control and process repeatability. There are precise casting practices for each steel grade, guaranteeing high-quality standards of core and surface properties, minimizing the segregating effects and therefore making our continuous cast blooms suitable for further internal rolling / forging processes, or for being sold directly to our customers for further transformation. Among the continuous casting machines, “Hercules” is one of the largest plants in the world for the production of “jumbo” blooms in sections ranging from 500 mm to 850 mm.