shape section size [mm] weight [kg]
round sezione450 - 1.020 pesofrom 5.000 to 15.000
square sezione550 - 980 pesofrom 4.000 to 28.000
polygon sezione8 sides [ 900 - 1400 ]
24 sides [ 1200 - 2000 ]
pesofrom 37.000 to 98.000
Our range of ingots offers you a greater choice of very high-quality products, thanks to a combination of factors: experience, expertise of the ABS operators and a certified process control system.
Cold Processing
Heat treatments

Machinability annealing


Our range of ingots is characterized by flexibility and customization: ingots are cast, by bottom pouring, into moulds on mobile cars or fixed position to produce round, square, rectangular or polygonal sections. To guarantee quality and the correct production process, the technical supply specifications define the operating practices that characterize the entire production cycle; it is monitored and controlled to make sure that the agreed delivery deadlines are met, and periodically audited until final testing.
When the ingots have been cast, they can either be delivered in their raw state or forwarded to the rolling mill for further processing.