shape section size [mm] length [m] weight [kg]
round sezione29 - 500 length peso
quadro angoli arrotondati sezione40 - 480 length peso
Our two rolling lines, Luna and Marte, produce a complete range of products to meet your every requirement. In our quest to provide the highest quality, we constantly check compliance with the heating parameters and choose rolling techniques that are suitable for the variety of steel grades, applying the type of cooling that is most suited to the rolled product. The final stages are product inspection and conditioning, if necessary.
Cold processing



Peeling and grinding or chrome-plating

Rough grinding


Heat treatments

Quenching and tempering – stabilization 

Normalization – Normalization and tempering 

Annealing | machinability, shearability, complete, globular

Stress relieving


The Blooming and Reversible mills are part of the Marte line that make it possible for us to produce many different types of rolled product. The mills are fed with continuous cast products or ingots using the hot charging process to reduce energy consumption. The Luna line, on the other hand, which consists of 19 consecutive rolling stands arranged in a vertical and horizontal configuration and a finishing block, is fed with continuous cast raw material or rough finished material. The mill is also equipped with a “Garret” line that processes bars in coils. After rolling, the product is cooled by different processes, depending on the final characteristics required: open air cooling beds, insulated cooling beds or slow cooling pits to control the critical cooling phases, or for the Luna range of products, they are cooled directly in the furnace. The rolled products can therefore be provided directly to the customer or forwarded on to further finishing or heat treatment stages, if envisaged or requested.