The rotoforged product is an innovative product designed to finish even larger dimensions. The rotoforged product manages to combine the strengths of a rolled product and a forged product into a single large product. As part of the development strategy, the Rotoforgia was installed and integrated into the Marte Line in 2015, after the Blooming 1000 with cooling bed (2014) and the new Reversible 800 mill with in-line finishes.

The ABS team and the Danieli Group have designed the largest long product rolling mill in the world: the Rf 1800 Stand: the Rotoforgia. The plant, which is one of a kind in the world, is programmed to process finished bars in the range of 400 – 500 mm rounds and 300 – 480 mm squares, or to produce a semi-finished product for both the Blooming 1000 and the Reversible 800 mills. With characteristics of high added value, the product obtained on this line combines a core condition that is equal to or not far from that of a forged product and the surface quality of rolled products.

shape section size [mm] length [m] weight [kg]
round sezione400 - 500 length4 - 14 peso
square sezione320 - 480 length4 - 14 peso
Cold Processing

Cold processing. ABS performs various cold finishing processes, such as sandblasting, turning, straightening, deburring and cold cutting. Our goal is to provide you with a controlled quality product that meets your requirements.

The two main features of cold processing are:
• To make the material that has any surface or internal defects and geometric limits compliant, and to modify the mechanical properties such as hardness;
• To give added value with surface machining processes such as turning, peeling, grinding, etc.

Hot Treatment

To confer the mechanical or grain properties to the steel, we subject the material to heat treatments such as tempering, stress relieving, normalizing, quenching and various annealing cycles (shearable, globular, full, soft). ABS reheating furnaces are fully automated with natural gas or electric heating.
The material is furnace, air or water quenched, depending on the required final product specifications.


The future of steel in ABS research

To be ahead of the times and to contribute towards the development of the steel industry drive us to continuously invest in Research & Development and not only in the company’s internal labs at the head offices.

Our innovative and specialized centre of excellence is called ABS Centre Métallurgique, or ACM, which we opened in Metz, France. This place was chosen because it represents the heart of the European steel industry.

An international group of professionals study the material and its transformation and propose new steel production models that can be implemented in the future. At the same time, they support the internal quality team or support customers for specific interventions such as characterization, numerical simulation, metallurgical competence, process support or broader research projects.

The future of steel in ABS research

Excellence for every sector

We strive to provide you with innovative products that are requested from us above all in sectors where quality excellence is essential: automotive, trucks, earthmoving, bearings, wind farming, rail, military, oil & gas, nuclear, agricultural and industrial vehicles .
For these sectors, we study, design and implement specific applications thanks to the collaboration between the ABS Product Development team and the Metz Research & Development centre, ABS Centre Métallurgique.
The characteristics suitable for the highest standards, guaranteed by technology and the ABS control system are always associated to a wide range of choices in terms of steel grade, sizing and processing in the raw or finished state.

Excellence for every sector