ShapeSection size [mm]Internal diameterExternal diameterHeightCoil weight
CoilSection size [mm]: 5 - 63 mmInternal diameter: 900 mmExternal diameter: 1.250 mmHeight: 600 - 2.400 mmCoil weight: 1.250 - 3.000 kg
Thanks to an optimal temperature control during the rolling process, we are able to guarantee a product characterized by a fine and homogeneous grain, to the advantage of downstream transformation processes (drawing, forging or heat treatment). The coils can reach up to a maximum weight of 3 tons, fully satisfying the flexibility market requirements. A vast number of steels ranging from low carbon and boron-free carbon steels, to high carbon and chromium-free carbon steels can be processed in our rolling lines, as well as chromium, silicon and vanadium alloyed steels. The high level of microinclusional purity and surface quality make it possible to supply material used in the production of bolts or springs for the automotive sector, in drawing, in mechanics or for bearings. The heat treatment furnaces with controlled atmosphere that are part of the plant allow annealing heat treatments that comply with the market demands in terms of surface globulation and decarburization.
Heat Treatments

Annealing [ machinability – globular ]


The QWR plant represents state-of-the-art technology for rolling wire rod. Nothing has been left to chance. Just think that it is fed with a 200 mm round section semi-product so that there are no edges, which are a known source of surface defects, and so that the reduction ratio is maximized. The presence of an oversized rougher and three shiftable inductors allows the rolling temperatures to be reduced to the advantage of the grain size while maintaining absolute temperature control. Water boxes are installed at the entrance of each of the three rolling blocks and at the exit of the last one to ensure optimal plastic deformation temperature and accurate profile control. The cooling conveyor, equipped with hoods and fans, allows the mechanical properties of the different steels to be modulated in a personalized way according to the customer’s requirements. Last, but not least, is the presence of the Danieli patented EDC system that simulates the patenting treatment without any environmental impact. A robust RFID tracking and redundancy system guarantees the absolute traceability of each coil. The line is completed by the automated warehouse equipped with Teflon-coated bays to guarantee zero-defect surfaces and the line of heat treatments in a controlled atmosphere for machinability or globular annealing.