Investments in the new QWR wire rod rolling mill is part of the expansion project currently being implemented at ABS Cargnacco and relates to the production of coils of wire rod from 5.5 to 25 mm in diameter, given the will and need of ABS to be even more resilient to changing market conditions.
The range of sizes that the new plant can produce will complement the ABS product portfolio.
Service, quality and punctuality are just a few of the musts of our supply, supported by a vast and practical use of innovative technologies. In fact, the “zero man on the floor” approach will result in an advanced remote-control capability of the process and greater attention to the product, starting from its traceability. The implementation of the innovative Danieli Intelligent Plant philosophy in the new QWR is a revolution for plant management, post-processing analysis and training. The involvement of people in a daily learning and optimization project will be the key to discovering new and unexpected optimization possibilities.