ABS requires its suppliers to be competent, professional and compliant with our corporate values and principles. For this reason, we have set up a qualification process for potential ABS suppliers, with the aim of selecting reliable partners to create sound and long-lasting relationships with.

The supplier qualification process is based on commodity category and depends on the level of criticality of the commodity. The process flow consists of the following steps:

1. Primary selection; at this stage, compliance to standard ABS requirements is evaluated in economic-financial terms, as well as quality, health and safety, environment and energy;
2. Prior rating assessment; in which a detailed assessment is made on the technical, organizational and managerial capabilities of the supplier;
3. Homologation; in which the quality of the supplier and of the supplier’s corporate procedures are verified through second party audits and trial supplies; For less critical goods categories, classed as C categories, the qualification process is limited to the first stage, for B categories the process requires the first and second stages, the A categories require the whole process. The qualification process of a potential supplier consists of the following steps: 1. the supplier applies for a new goods category by filling in the form below (business name, VAT number and e-mail);
2. the supplier receives an e-mail through which he can view the ABS goods categories and choose those he wishes to apply for;
3. if the supplier has not yet filled in the questionnaires, he will receive those related to the goods categories he has applied for via active mail;
4. ABS will examine the supplier’s applications on the basis of his answers and the attached documents;
5. the supplier will receive a feedback regarding the result of the qualification process. If the result is positive, the company will be registered as a qualified supplier for the given goods category. This qualification will be valid for a period of 3 years, during which the supplier is required to inform ABS Supplier Quality of any modification to the information in the questionnaire that has been transmitted. Should the result be negative, the supplier will be notified, and all the information will be saved on the ABS database. To start the qualification process, the potential supplier Is required to accept Organizational Model 231, the ABS Code of Ethics, the List of Violations subject to penalties and the General Conditions of Supply. We would like to point out that registration on the ABS website’s Purchase Page does not guarantee any business relationship with ABS and a positive assessment is only to be understood as suitability to be entered in the ABS register of suppliers. When a purchase request for which the supplier could be involved is generated, the supplier will be contacted by ABS Purchasing Office.
Moreover, the qualification will be processed according to the workload and with the business priorities established by ABS. Should you need any assistance, please e-mail [email protected]